Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Omagh Three day

On Saturday I got out my suit, shone my shoes shaved off a week of growth and headed for my cousin’s wedding.  While I was eating away at the turkey, sipping a few (well maybe more than a few) stout and generally enjoying myself, some of my fellow Carn Wheelers were going through hell at the Omagh Three day event.
The race team for the weekend was two and a half sets of brothers!  Stephen Law, Patrick Kelly,  Mickey Kelly, Ryan and Stephen  Walsh.  It was turned out to be a tough weekend of racing, comprising of four stages across three days.  Also bearing in mind Mickey took part in the Thursday night inter club race as well.
Of the 81 who started the weekend, 73 finished.  Stephen Walsh finished 9th in the overall GC, which was an absolute credit after the crash he was involved in the previous week. Patrick Kelly (19th), Ryan Walsh (20th) and Stephen Law (54th) all finished the event well.  Also, Stephen Walsh finished 3rd in the final stage of the weekend.
From talking to a few of the guys, they seemed to enjoy the weekend.  The Friday evening stage was very fast, with an average speed for around 25mph.  One of the stages was a KOM stage which tested everyone’s physical and mental strength.  “It’s tough enough climbing at your own pace, but at race pace it is even tough”, was the feedback from on of the Carn lads.
For amateur cyclists to not only survive, but to put in notable performances over a three day weekend event, was some achievement.  Factor in a week at work as well.  Local club cycling has become really popular the past few years and it looks like it is going to get even stronger.

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