Friday, 5 August 2011

Cycling in Berlin

The Fat Tire Bikes
This is not totally a sport related entry, but it is under the umbrella of cycling, so I think it still qualifies. 

We were in Berlin for a city break last Hallowe’en.  It was a fantastic trip, stayed in a very central apartment, close to all the underground and tram stops.  It is a city steeped in history, with loads of interesting historical ‘tourtisty’ places to visit.

Like any holiday, we sampled plenty of the local food and drink, having a great time through out.

On the first ay of any city break, the hop on, hop off bus tour is a great way to get your bearings, but in Berlin, we opted for the two wheel option.  After some googling, We headed off in search of the Fat Tire Bike Tour and we were not to be disappointed.  It was brilliant and would recommend it to anyone.  I also think they have them in other cities as well.

Carn Wheelers on Tour

It was a lovely day and at 20 Euro per person, it was money well spent.  Also, you didn’t have to pay until the end and only if you thought it was worth it. 

The tour guide was fantastic, stopped at the main places of note, gave us the relevant information, took photos and headed to the next stop.  Also, he took us to a lovely restaurant in the Tiergarten lovely garden area, where we had a few beers and lunch before on our merry way.

It was a leisurely cycle, so this was an easier part of my training regime.

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