Friday, 5 August 2011

Did the ball cross the line?

Well done to Killian Conlan and Creggan on a hard fought win the Antrim Championship tonight.  I didn't get to the game, but Jerome Quinn @jeromequinn kept us informed via Twitter.  The second half just proved how fine a line there is in championship games. 

Creggan were 2 in arrears, St Paul's missed a goal chance, to make it game, set and match. 

They missed it, Creggan went on to win the game.  One of Jerome's videos shows that the second St Paul's goal was indeed questionable.

Here is the link (below) so you can take a look for youself.  Did the whole of the ball cross the whole of the line?  What would Anthony Masterson make of it?

Would be intersted to hear your comments?

Great job on the video site Jerome.  Keep it up!!!

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