Monday, 8 August 2011

In The Spotlight - Betty Anne O'Kane (Carn Wheelers)

Cycling has really taken off as a leisure activity.  There are cyclists everywhere.  Racing, time trials, sportives or club cycles.  It has not caught on as much with the females, but there are still quite a few out cycling.

In Carn Wheelers we have a few out cycling with us.  Meet one of them.

Name: Betty Anne O'Kane

Occupation:  Podiatrist

Favourite Food:  Anything out of Yoko, especially the Udon Noodles.

Favourite Drink:  Coors Light normally, but if I can be bothered to make them, then Lemon Drop Martinis

Favourite Music:  Anything from The Pixies to ELO, but loving The Avett Brothers at the minute.

Three people you would invite to a dinner party:  Dara O'Briain, Eddie Izzard and Lee Mack.

How many years cycling: Just over a year. Joined Carn Wheelers in January 2011.

Bikes used:  A rusty MTB with no brakes, followed by one that's much too big for me (I still have it). Then a few months on a borrowed Trek 1000. Next was a second-hand Ambrosio and now I'm on a Cube Axial WLS GTC.

Favourite cycling Food:  Nutri-Grain Bars and Lucozade Glucose Tablets

Best thing about cycling: A spin on a sunny day on a good road.
Worst thing about cycling:  Potholes

Tip for beginners: Get a good pair of shorts

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