Wednesday, 10 August 2011

In The Spotlight - Ronan Higgins (Carn Wheelers)

Last week saw the break-up of the HTC High Road Team.  Mark Cavendish was rumoured to have been seen in both Tommie McGrath's menswear shop in Maghera and in Walsh's Hotel.  He was rumoured to have tweeted that he was on route to Carn Wheelers.

The deal never materialised.  The management team of Carn Wheelers realised that they had indeed got the best sprinter in their ranks already.  That man is Ronan Higgins.  If you "go for a 30" with this man, he is nearly impossible to shake off.  It's time to meet the Maghera Missile.

Name: Ronan Higgins

Age: 36

Occupation: Driving Instructor
Favourite Food: Chinese/Pizzas 

Favourite Drink: Red Wine 

Favourite Music: Anything

Three people you would invite to a dinner party:    Alan Sugar/Peter Kay/Kris Meeke

How many years cycling: 3 1/2

Bikes used: Cube Agree GTC Pro/Spec Allez/Spec Hardrock MTB

Favourite cycling Food: Rice Krispie Bars

Best thing about cycling: Downhills

Worst thing about cycling:  Uphills   

Tip for beginners: Start slow and finish fast.  Enjoy it!

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