Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In The Spotlight - Aidan Higgins (Carn Wheelers)

Picture the scene on a Sunday cycle.  You have just made a mad burst to win a sprint coming into some random town. 

You are nearly at the "thirty" sign and it is in the bag.  Not so.  Usually one of the Higgins brothers comes up and beats you to it.  The Carn Wheelers answer to Mark Cavenish.

In the first of our "In The Spotlight" features, it is Aidan Higgins of Carn Wheelers.

Name: Aidan Higgins

Age: 26

Occupation: GIS Consultant 

Favourite Food: Fillet steak

Favourite Drink: Corona (no lime!)

Favourite Music: Irish trad

Three people you would invite to a dinner party: Barrack Obama, The Dalai Lama and Bruce Springsteen

How many years cycling: 2

Bikes used: specialized allez, specialized hardrock, cube agree pro

Favourite cycling Food: fig rolls

Best thing about cycling: being first to a thirty sign!

Worst thing about cycling: not being first to a thirty sign!

Tip for beginners: spinners are winners

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