Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Phil Richards Internship Day 1 - Speed Training & Nutrition

Great opening day with Phil Richards on internship in Swansea. Discussed in depth the reasoning behind speed training how to apply effectively and dismissed some of the myths and types of drills that does NOT work. Also had a practical session with an Olympic sprinting coach and some techniques used for a powerful acceleration and how to develop to top speed.

Nutrition information by Phil blew me away. Very important tips for competition eating, pre and post training including some amazing facts about the quality of meats we eat, water we drink and so called healthy foods we think we consume. Very intriguing as to how the timing of certain foods pre/post exercise can manipulate hormone production and how this can result in increase or decrease performance.

Cannot wait for tomorrows Strength seminar and field conditioning practical session. Pictures and report to follow!
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