Thursday, 17 November 2011

Intro to Strength & Conditioning from EMCN Pro Fitness

Strength and Conditioning is undoubtedly one of the main areas that many athletes strive to improve during the season to gain that extra advantage on the playing field. However a big mistake that the majority seem to make is concentrating on bodybuilding style training which concentrate on a single joint, single muscle group exercise.
Some of these exercises have their time and place for building ...muscle size in the gym but in terms of improving athletic performance can prove detrimental for athletic development and flexibility. In combining a proper S&C program along with the appropriate Nutrition results can be immense.

Whether an athlete improving performance for sport or someone looking to tone up/lose weight, Nutrition is the key to kick-starting health before trying to get results. Getting the right foods on board at the right time can manipulate the body’s hormone levels and produce an advantageous anabolic state(increase muscle size and mass) or debilitating catabolic state(breaking down of muscle).

In the next few weeks I will be talking about some important exercises for power and athletic development as well as nutrition tips for performance and weight loss.

A key point to remember for any athlete looking to improve their level of performance – Get Healthy – Get Strong – Get Fast

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