Thursday, 10 November 2011

Phil Richard Internship - Day 3 - Reclaim your Health & Field Conditioning #2

This morning we covered one of the hottest topics in not only fitness but also in the eye of the general public as to how to gain good health and a happy disease free way of life.

Interesting to see what are the best foods to eat, what cooking does to our food and from a current GAA aspect the possible link between certain foods and drinks towards Sudden Death Syndrome and heart problems. Great to learn about which vitamins and minerals do what job and what levels we need for our body to be working at its best.

Early afternoon we had a practical field conditioning session on Swansea Rugby Club pitch which involved drills exceptional for fat loss, strength endurance and all over body conditioning. Easily just as tough a session as yesterday but with a bit more knowledge about supplementation and the timing of certain foods pre and post, the energy levels were through the roof throughout.

Later we finished off with learning about some other methods of strength training and seen the 8-12 week programs Phil had prescribed for athletes such as Amir Khan, Worcestor Warriors and Harlequins.

Looking forward to getting into the Gym tomorrow with big Glenn Ross and 2 World Class weightlifting coaches.

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