Saturday, 30 July 2011

Are we being too restrictive

Your team is two points behind, time is almost up. You are looking around for that spark that cannot be found. All the players are cancelling each other out and there isn’t a match winner to be found.
Since all our coaches are following the same steps, preaching the same things it is very often the team with the talented performer that comes though. We call him the match winner. One example was in a 2001 game in Thurles. Kerry trailed by a point, Maurice Fitzgerald lined up a sideline kick from distance and curled it over with the outside of the boot.

Maurice Fitz - 2001 v Dublin

Coaches up and down the country were tearing their hair out. They are preaching that players punt every ball and don't encourage what Maurice Fitz done. Are we wrong?
Our goal in coaching is that we will develop players who will play on our club senior teams and maybe go on to play for the county. We want them to be able to be fit enough to last the game, we want them to take the ball first time and break a tackle. They will also be taught about diet and preventing injury.
Why not dedicate some time in your coaching sessions for players to express themselves. In the dying moment of a championship game you may want your wing forward to drive forward evading opponents and kick over the bar, so we need to give them a chance to practice.
It is very important that we promote team play but there will always be the day when a bit of individual brilliance will be required.

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